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Fabiano Do Nascimento

Guitarist/Composer from Brasil, Fabiano Do Nascimento was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1983 and is currently based out of Los Angeles, CA. With a passion for music that spans across genres and cultures, Fabiano draws inspiration from his Brazilian roots to create unique compositions that captivate audiences worldwide.

Known for his mesmerizing guitar skills and soulful melodies, Fabiano's music reflects the rich musical heritage of Brazil while incorporating elements of jazz, folk, and classical styles. His intricate fingerpicking technique and improvisational prowess have earned him critical acclaim as a virtuoso guitarist.

Influenced by legendary artists such as Rosinha De Valença and Baden Powell, Fabiano's sound is characterized by its rhythmic complexity and harmonic depth. He seamlessly blends traditional Brazilian rhythms with modern harmonies to create a truly distinctive musical experience.


Fabiano Do Nascimento
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