First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is a Swedish duo founded in 2007, consisting of siblings Klara and Johanna Söderberg. Known for their harmonious vocals, their music can be described as folk, country, or americana. Their career took off at an early age when their independently produced songs gained popularity on MySpace and Swedish radio. They signed with Rabid Records in 2008 to release their debut EP before joining Wichita Recordings and later Sony's Columbia Records. Notable highlights include their heartfelt tributes to legendary artists like Leonard Cohen and Emmylou Harris.

What sets First Aid Kit apart is not only their talent but also the influence of their father, Benkt Svensson, a renowned artist in Sweden. He played a crucial role in the band's formation by producing their records and managing tours.

Experience the enchanting melodies and captivating lyrics of First Aid Kit as they take you on a musical journey filled with soulful harmonies and heartfelt storytelling. Join them on stage along with their talented band members for an unforgettable live performance that showcases the true essence of folk, country, and americana music.


First Aid Kit
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