Gatecreeper is a death metal band hailing from Phoenix / Tucson, Arizona, United States. With their brutal and uncompromising sound, they have become one of the leading forces in the genre. Drawing inspiration from classic death metal bands, Gatecreeper infuses their music with a modern twist that captivates audiences worldwide.

Known for their intense live performances and crushing riffs, Gatecreeper has gained a loyal following within the metal community. Their music combines elements of old-school death metal with a raw and aggressive energy that leaves listeners craving more. Influenced by bands such as Tomb Mold, Fuming Mouth, and Witch Vomit, Gatecreeper's unique blend of heaviness and melody sets them apart from their peers.

With an impressive discography under their belt including albums like "Sonoran Depravation" and "Deserted," Gatecreeper continues to push the boundaries of death metal. Their powerful vocals, thunderous drums, and relentless guitar work create an atmosphere that transports listeners into a world of darkness and despair.


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