God Damn

"Sabbath having a screaming row with Nirvana" - NME

God Damn is an explosive rock duo that effortlessly combines the heavy, riff-driven sound of Black Sabbath with the raw energy and angst of Nirvana. With their blistering guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and intense vocals, *God Damn* creates a sonic assault that leaves audiences in awe.

If you're a fan of bands like Red Fang, Turbowolf, or Pulled Apart By Horses, then *God Damn* is right up your alley. Their music resonates with fans who appreciate the unapologetic intensity and ferocity found in acts such as The St Pierre Snake Invasion, Haggard Cat, Sugar Horse, Wet Nuns, HECK, Jamie Lenman, Drenge, Hawk Eyes and many more.


God Damn
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God Damn

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God Damn

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God Damn

God Damn

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