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GospelbeacH is a talented musical collective consisting of Tom Sanford on drums, Brent Rademaker and Jason Soda on vocals and guitar, Neal Casal on vocals and guitar, Kip Boardman on vocals and bass. They are known for their harmonious sound and have been joined by guest vocalist Nelson Bragg. Drawing inspiration from artists like Neal Casal, Beachwood Sparks, Jesse Malin, The Hanging Stars, Dropkick, The Long Ryders, The Tyde, The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness, Those Pretty Wrongs, Uni Boys, Chuck Prophet, The Speedways, The Pink Stones, The Sadies, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Reno Bo, The Minus 5, Velvet Crush, Kurt Baker and Eyelids.

With a blend of captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics,GospelbeacH has carved out a unique space in the music industry. Their soulful performances have earned them a dedicated fan base who appreciate their authentic sound. Whether performing live or recording in the studio,GospelbeacH consistently delivers powerful performances that resonate with audiences.

Known for their collaborative approach to songwriting,GospelbeacH seamlessly combines each member's individual talents to create a cohesive musical experience. Their ability to blend various genres such as rock,country,and folk,resulting in an eclectic sound that appeals to listeners from all walks of life.GospelbeacH continues to push boundaries within the music


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