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Gotan Project

Gotan Project is a trio of talented musicians who came together in 1999 to create their unique blend of electronic tango music. The group consists of *Argentinian guitar player*, *French producer and DJ*, and *Swiss musician and producer*. With their diverse backgrounds, they bring a wealth of musical influences to their compositions.

Their sound has been compared to artists such as Federico Aubele, De-Phazz, and Koop. Their music combines traditional tango elements with modern electronic beats, creating a captivating fusion that appeals to a wide audience. Other similar artists include Luciano Supervielle, Otros Aires, and Tanghetto.

Over the years, Gotan Project has gained international recognition for their innovative approach to tango music. Their albums have received critical acclaim and have been well-received by fans around the world. Whether you're a fan of traditional tango or electronic music, Gotan Project's captivating sound is sure to captivate your ears.


Gotan Project
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