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Half Waif

Half Waif is an artist based in the Hudson Valley, Upstate New York. With a unique blend of indie pop and electronic music, *she* has captivated audiences with *her* introspective lyrics and ethereal vocals. Drawing inspiration from artists like Julien Baker and Soccer Mommy, Half Waif's music explores themes of identity, memory, and emotional growth.

Known for *her* captivating live performances, Half Waif has shared the stage with talented musicians such as Loma, Caroline Rose, and Madeline Kenney. *She* has also collaborated with other notable artists including Miya Folick and Helena Deland.

With a growing discography that includes albums like "Lavender" and "The Caretaker," Half Waif continues to push boundaries in the indie music scene. Fans of Frances Quinlan, Snail Mail, or IAN SWEET will find solace in Half Waif's heartfelt melodies and introspective songwriting.


Half Waif
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Album artwork for Mythopoetics by Half Waif


Half Waif

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The Caretaker

Half Waif

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