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Formed in 1969, Hawkwind are a prolific and pioneering space-rock group from the UK. Known for their science fiction themed music and theatrical concerts, they gained fame for their exhibitions of pulsing electronics, dazzling light shows, and LSD consumption. Founder member Dave Brock has been the sole mainstay of the band since its inception, steering them through various musical genres including heavy metal, new wave, ambient and techno. Notable contributors have included Lemmy (of Motörhead), Ginger Baker (of Cream) and science fiction writer Michael Moorcock.

Hawkwind quickly made a name for themselves on the free festival circuit after forming in 1969. They would perform live without fee wherever possible.

Their 1971 album 'In Search of Space' solidified Hawkwind's reputation as pioneers of space-rock music. The album showcased their unique blend of science fiction themes with psychedelic rock sounds.


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