Jangly indie-pop group from Oxford (UK) who evolved from a previous band. Their songs were written by lead singer Amelia Fletcher; the rest of the group comprised Peter Momtchiloff on guitar, Cathy Rogers on keyboards and vocals, Rob Pursey on bass, and Mathew Fletcher on drums. The group was active from 1989 until the death of Mathew Fletcher in 1996. Afterward, the remaining members formed another group.

Heavenly is known for their catchy melodies and upbeat sound that defined the indie-pop genre during their active years. Lead singer Amelia Fletcher's songwriting skills brought a unique charm to their music.

Their discography includes several albums and singles that gained popularity among fans of indie-pop music. Despite facing tragedy with the loss of Mathew Fletcher, Heavenly's legacy lives on through their memorable tunes and influential contributions to the genre.


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