Holy Sons

Emil Amos, the mastermind behind *Holy Sons*, embarked on his solo musical journey in 1992 following the disbandment of his hardcore group. Armed with a four-track recorder, he poured his emotions into solitary recording sessions, resulting in over 1000 songs. Despite this prolific output, only a select few have been officially released. The enigmatic artist has remained elusive, with only a handful of live performances to date.

*Holy Sons* shares sonic kinship with esteemed acts such as Six Organs Of Admittance, Barn Owl, and Grails. Their music exudes an atmospheric quality akin to Bardo Pond and Steve Von Till's work while incorporating elements from diverse genres like folk and experimental rock.

With influences ranging from Earth to Songs: Ohia and Pontiak, *Holy Sons* crafts introspective compositions that captivate listeners with their raw emotionality. Delve into Emil Amos' captivating discography to experience the profound artistry of *Holy Sons* firsthand.


Holy Sons
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