Hot Mulligan

Hot Mulligan is an alternative pop punk and emo band hailing from Lansing, MI. With their energetic sound and heartfelt lyrics, they have gained a dedicated following in the music scene. Currently signed to Wax Bodega, Hot Mulligan consists of Chris Freeman, Tades Sanville, Brandon Blakeley, and Ryan Malicsi.

Hailing from Lansing, MI, Hot Mulligan has made a name for themselves with their unique blend of alternative, pop punk, and emo music. Their catchy melodies combined with honest and relatable lyrics have resonated with fans all over the world.

Currently signed to Wax Bodega label, Hot Mulligan is comprised of talented musicians including Chris Freeman on vocals/guitar, Tades Sanville on guitar/vocals, Brandon Blakeley on drums/vocals, and Ryan Malicsi on bass/vocals. Together they create a dynamic sound that captivates audiences at every performance.


Hot Mulligan
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