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Interpol is a renowned band that was formed in New York City in 1997. With their original line-up consisting of Greg Drudy on drums, Daniel Kessler on guitar, Paul Banks on vocals and guitar, and Carlos Dengler on bass (who left the band in May 2010), they have made a significant impact in the music industry.

Known for their distinctive sound and captivating performances, Interpol has garnered a loyal fan base worldwide. Their music blends post-punk revival with indie rock elements, creating a unique and atmospheric sound that sets them apart from other artists.

Over the years, Interpol has released several critically acclaimed albums, including "Turn On the Bright Lights" and "Antics." Their introspective lyrics coupled with their polished musicianship have earned them praise from both fans and critics alike. With their influential contributions to the alternative rock genre, Interpol continues to be an iconic presence in the music scene.


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