Jacob Collier

British multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and artist. Jacob Collier incorporates elements from a variety of musical genres, with a focus on jazz and harmonization. He has received nine Grammy Award nominations and is the first British artist to win an award for each of his first four studio albums. Collier's career was launched after catching the attention of jazz pianist Herbie Hancock and producer Quincy Jones. He has collaborated with renowned film music composer/producer Hans Zimmer and vocal harmony group Take 6.

Collier started his career by releasing Youtube videos in the late 2000s featuring quarter-note harmonies. His tracks gained recognition on Bandcamp, leading to connections with Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones. In 2016, he released his debut album "In My Room" which included a version of the track "Flintstones" produced by Hans Zimmer.

In addition to his collaborations with industry legends, Collier embarked on a world tour performing with Jules Buckley and the Metropole Orchestra for his three-album series "Djesse" (2018-2020). He also had the honor of performing at "The Proms," an annual classical music concert held at Royal Albert Hall in London where footage of his grandfather's orchestral performance from 1964 was played.


Jacob Collier
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