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Jamie T

Jamie T is an English singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer hailing from Wimbledon, South London. With his unique blend of indie rock, punk and hip-hop influences, Jamie T has become a prominent figure in the British music scene. His raw and energetic performances have captivated audiences worldwide, earning him critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. Known for his honest and introspective lyrics, Jamie T's music explores themes of youth culture, love, and social commentary. Whether he's delivering catchy hooks or thought-provoking verses, Jamie T continues to push boundaries and redefine genres.

Since bursting onto the scene with his debut album "Panic Prevention" in 2007, Jamie T has consistently delivered compelling music that resonates with listeners. His sophomore release "Kings & Queens" further solidified his status as a talented musician capable of crafting infectious melodies and poignant storytelling. Throughout his career, Jamie T has collaborated with various artists across different genres including Lily Allen and Arctic Monkeys.

With multiple awards under his belt including the NME Award for Best Solo Artist in 2015, Jamie T's impact on the music industry cannot be understated. His discography boasts hit singles such as "Sheila," "Zombie," and "Sticks 'n' Stones," which have garnered millions of streams worldwide. As an artist who constantly evolves sonically while staying true to himself creatively, Jamie T continues to push boundaries with each new project


Jamie T
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