Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell, born on February 1, 1979, is a singer/guitarist who embarked on a solo career after spending six years with Southern rock band Drive-By Truckers. With his debut album Sirens of the Ditch released in 2007, Isbell showcased his exceptional songwriting skills and infused bluesy and punk elements into his music. His latest album Something More Than Free was released in July 2015. Throughout his career, Isbell has consistently demonstrated his mastery of guitar tones and Southern swagger.

During his time with Drive-By Truckers, Jason Isbell honed his songwriting talents which he later channeled into his solo work. His debut album Sirens of the Ditch was a testament to this skill as it effortlessly blended bluesy melodies with punk influences. Released in summer 2007, the album served as an introduction to Isbell's unique style characterized by powerful guitar tones and an undeniable Southern charm.

In July 2015, Jason Isbell released Something More Than Free, showcasing further growth as an artist. This latest album reflects Isbell's continued dedication to crafting meaningful songs that resonate with listeners. Known for marrying heartfelt lyrics with captivating melodies, Isbell has established himself as a prominent figure in the music industry.


Jason Isbell
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