Jesus Jones

Jesus Jones is a British alternative rock band formed in the 1980s. The band was initially started by Mike Edwards and Simon Matthews, who later met Alan Doughty. After unsuccessful attempts under different names, Jesus Jones was born with the addition of Iain Baker and Jerry de Abela Borg. They signed a deal with Food Records after persistent efforts, releasing their demo which included popular tracks like "Info Freako," "Cut & Dried," and "Welcome Back Victoria."

However, when EMI became more involved in Food Records, they exerted more control over Jesus Jones' music, resulting in their album "Already" suffering from delayed release and lack of label support. Eventually dropped by the label, Mike Edwards remained as part of the band while Gen left due to conflicting schedules with other projects.

The band continued with Tony Arthy as their new drummer and signed with Koch Records. Their album "London" received critical acclaim but did not achieve commercial success. Despite this setback, Jesus Jones released the 4-track single "Culture Vulture," allowing fans to create their own mixes using elements from the title track.


Jesus Jones
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