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John Parish

John Parish is an English composer, musician, producer, artist and collaborator. Born on April 11, 1959 in Yeovil, England, he has made significant contributions to nearly fifty albums and has toured globally with PJ Harvey, Eels and his own bands. Additionally, John has written and recorded music for film, television and stage.

His career began in 1980 as a member of the new wave band Thieves Like Us. Two years later, he formed Automatic Dlamini alongside Rob Ellis. In 1986, John ventured into producing music and worked with various artists such as The Chesterfields, The Brilliant Corners and The Becketts. It was in 1987 that he crossed paths with PJ Harvey which marked the start of their enduring collaboration.

With his diverse talents spanning multiple artistic mediums, John Parish continues to captivate audiences worldwide through his exceptional musical prowess.


John Parish
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