John's Children

John's Children were a 1960s pop art/mod rock band from Leatherhead, England. They gained notoriety for their outrageous live performances and were even kicked off a tour in Germany for upstaging the headliners. Despite their short-lived career of less than two years, John's Children had a significant impact on punk rock and are considered by some as the precursors of glam rock.

Their single "Desdemona", written by *Bolan*, was banned by the BBC due to its controversial lyric. Additionally, their album "Orgasm" faced a four-year delay in its release in the US because of objections from Daughters of the American Revolution.

Although commercially unsuccessful with only six singles and one album released, John's Children have since been praised for their influence and their singles have become highly sought-after collectables among British 1960s rock enthusiasts. If you enjoy artists such as Fleur De Lys, The Smoke, or The Sorrows, you'll definitely appreciate John's Children's unique sound.


John's Children
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