Karate was an American indie/jazz band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1993. The band consisted of Geoff Farina, Eamonn Vitt, Gavin McCarthy, and later Jeff Goddard. With their unique blend of genres, Karate gained recognition in the music industry. Unfortunately, due to hearing problems faced by Farina after twelve years of performing with the band, Karate disbanded in July 2005.

Geoff Farina, Eamonn Vitt, and Gavin McCarthy founded Karate in 1993 as an indie/jazz band based out of Boston. In 1995, Jeff Goddard joined as the bass player while Vitt transitioned to second guitar. Their fusion of musical styles set them apart from other bands and earned them a dedicated following.

In 1997, Vitt made the difficult decision to leave Karate and pursue a career in medicine. Despite this setback, the remaining members continued to create captivating music that resonated with fans worldwide.


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