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Kid Acne

Kid Acne is an artist, illustrator, and hip-hop musician. Born in Lilongwe, Malawi in 1978, he grew up in Lutterworth, Leicestershire before settling in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Kid Acne's early years were dedicated to graffiti art, fanzine creation, and producing limited edition records on his own Invisible Spies label.

His unique style has garnered comparisons to artists such as MONGRELS, Spectacular Diagnostics, King Kashmere, DJ Format, Edan, Homeboy Sandman and Task Force. With influences ranging from Raw Poetic to Dj Mk and Jehst to Dr. Syntax; Kid Acne's music showcases a diverse range of sounds.

Today Kid Acne continues to create captivating artwork while also producing innovative music that pushes the boundaries of hip-hop. His contributions have made him a respected figure within both the art and music communities.


Kid Acne
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