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Formed in 1988 as 'Katzenjammer', *Kyuss* is a stoner rock band hailing from Palm Desert, California. After changing their name to Kyuss in 1991, the band went on to release four full-length albums between 1991 and 1995. Led by Joshua Homme on lead guitar and featuring Nick Oliveri on rhythm guitar, Chris Cockrell on bass, Brant Bjork on drums, and John Garcia on vocals, Kyuss quickly gained recognition for their unique sound.

Throughout their career, Kyuss experienced several lineup changes with members leaving and returning. Despite these changes, the band continued to produce groundbreaking music that resonated with fans of stoner rock. Their self-titled EP released in 1989 showcased their talent and set the stage for their subsequent albums.

Influenced by bands like Fu Manchu and Monster Magnet, Kyuss's music combines heavy riffs with melodic elements to create a distinct sound that has influenced countless artists in the genre. Although they disbanded in 1995, members of Kyuss went on to form other successful projects such as Queens Of The Stone Age and Mondo Generator.


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