La Luz

La Luz is a band based in Seattle, WA, formed in the summer of 2012. The band consists of Shana Cleveland on guitar, Marian Li Pino on drums, Lena Simon on bass, and Alice Sandahl on keyboard. All members contribute vocals to their music. La Luz's songs are primarily written by Shana and the band.

Their unique sound draws inspiration from various genres including surf rock, garage rock, and psychedelic pop. With catchy melodies and intricate harmonies, La Luz creates a captivating musical experience for their listeners.

If you enjoy artists such as PAINT, White Fence, or Shannon & The Clams, then La Luz is definitely worth checking out. Their music has also been compared to bands like Mystic Braves and Night Beats. So if you're a fan of these artists or simply looking for some fresh tunes to add to your collection, give La Luz a listen!


La Luz
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