Labi Siffre

British vocalist, musician, and artist Labi Siffre was born on 25 June 1945 in Hammersmith, London, England. Raised in London by his English mother and Nigerian father, Siffre pursued music full-time after working various jobs. He gained recognition with solo hits like "It Must Be Love" and "Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying". Although he had a break from the charts in the 1970s, Siffre made a triumphant comeback with "(Something Inside) So Strong" in 1987.

Siffre's work has been rediscovered by a new generation thanks to Eminem sampling his song "I Got The" from the album "Remember My Song". Nowadays, he dedicates much of his time to writing poetry that tackles topics such as gay rights and global issues.

If you enjoy artists like Minnie Riperton or Curtis Mayfield, you'll appreciate Labi Siffre's soulful sound. His music is influenced by various genres including funk and jazz.


Labi Siffre
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