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Laibach is a controversial Slovenian Post-Industrial band formed in 1980 in Trbovlje, Yugoslavia. Initially pioneers of Martial Industrial music, they later transitioned to a crossover style influenced by Rock, Pop, Techno, and Dance. In 2015, Laibach made history as the first 'western' band to perform in North Korea.

The official members of the band are Dachauer, Eber, Keller (2), and Saliger. They have collaborated with various musicians throughout their career including Andrej Lupinc on bass guitar and Anja Rupel on vocals.

Other notable collaborators include Boris Benko on synthesizer and vocals, Borut Kržišnik on guitar, Damjan Bizilj on synthesizer, Dare Hočevar on bass guitar, Dejan Knez on keyboards, electronics, voice and drums. The list goes on with talented individuals such as Ivan Novak who handles lights and projection along with electronics and voice during concerts.


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