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Lana Del Rey

American singer, songwriter, producer, artist and poet. Lana Del Rey was born on 21 June 1985 in New York City, USA. Raised in Lake Placid, she attended Kent School in Connecticut to address her alcohol abuse. After graduating high school in 2003, she spent a year in Long Island where she learned to play guitar from her uncle.

In 2004, Lana enrolled at Fordham University in New York and studied metaphysics. It was during this time that her musical journey began. From 2005 to 2009, she had various music projects under different names like May Jailer and Lizzy Grant. Finally releasing her first album "A.K.A. Lizzy Grant" (2010) as Lana Del Ray – later changed to Lana Del Rey with an 'e'.

Throughout the years, over 100 of Lana's songs have been leaked through different media platforms; mostly demos and songs from the early stages of her career as May Jailer/Lizzy Grant.


Lana Del Rey
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