Le Matos

Le Matos is a synthwave band hailing from Montreal, Canada. The duo, consisting of Jean-Philippe Bernier and Jean-Nicolas Leupi, formed in 2007. With their unique blend of retro-inspired electronic music, they have gained a dedicated following in the synthwave scene.

Influenced by the sounds of the 80s and drawing inspiration from sci-fi movies and video games, Le Matos creates nostalgic yet futuristic tracks that transport listeners to another time. Their music combines pulsating synths, catchy melodies, and driving beats to create an immersive sonic experience.

With a sound reminiscent of artists like Futurecop!, Lost Years, and FM Attack, Le Matos has carved out their own distinct style within the synthwave genre. Their discography includes albums such as "Join Us" and "Chronicles of the Wasteland," which showcase their ability to create atmospheric soundscapes that captivate audiences.


Le Matos
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