Los Yesterdays

Los Yesterdays is a soulful music project that originated in an Altadena garage. The duo consists of [a3428582], a talented drummer and creator, and his old friend [a7704632], who writes and sings vocals. After years of recording in their garage, they caught the attention of [a392670] and [a307881], who joined in on guitar and bass to bring their music to life on stage.

The brainchild of Rowland, Los Yesterdays showcases his eccentricity through soulful creations. With his expertise as a drummer, he takes charge of recording while also playing all the instruments for the project. Benavides complements Rowland's musicality with heartfelt lyrics and captivating vocals.

Thanks to a mutual connection, Los Yesterdays caught the attention of guitarist [a392670] and bassist [a307881]. Impressed by the duo's songs, both musicians eagerly joined forces to help Los Yesterdays perform live. Together, they create an unforgettable experience for fans with their passionate performances.


Los Yesterdays
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