Mandrake Handshake

The Mandrake Handshake is a hypnotic psych collective formed in Oxford in 2018. Influenced by krautrock, funk, Japanese animation, and Latin pastoral poetry, they have created a unique style called 'Flowerkraut'. Their music can be danced to with wild abandon or used for meditation, serving as a fluorescent soundtrack for exploring the inner worlds of the mind.

Having partnered with cult indie label Nice Swan for their 'Introduces...' series last year, Mandrake Handshake has quickly become one of the most exciting new acts in the UK psychedelic scene. They have found label-mates in Opus Kink, Malady, and Anorak Patch.

Their aim is to bring listeners to the zenith of psychedelic high-fidelity and help them fully understand what they may only hint at knowing. This is just the beginning of their journey - this is 'Flowerkraut', this is the Mandrake.


Mandrake Handshake
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