English indie rock band, Mansun, was formed in Chester in 1995. The band consisted of Paul Draper on vocals and guitar, Dominic Chad on lead guitar, Stove King on bass, and Andie Rathbone on drums. Originally named Manson after Charles Manson, they had to change their name to avoid legal action from the Charles Manson Estate when they signed with Parlophone. Their debut album reached UK #1 and their follow-up album charted at #6. Despite a decline in popularity with their third album, Mansun continued to have a dedicated fan base who petitioned for the release of their fourth album.

In 2004, Parlophone released a 3xCD set of unreleased recordings, home demos, and live material as a response to fans' requests. This was followed by another release in 2006. Although the band faced artistic differences and eventually disbanded in 2003, Mansun's music continues to be appreciated by fans worldwide.

Discover Mansun's unique blend of indie rock through their captivating vocals and instrumentals that made them one of the prominent bands during the late '90s British music scene.


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