Marc Spitz

Marc Spitz is a highly talented and influential artist in the music industry. With a unique style that blends various genres, Marc has captivated audiences around the world with his mesmerizing performances. His music is often described as a fusion of *Shakey Handz*, *Paije*, and *The Influents*, creating an unparalleled sound that resonates with listeners of all backgrounds.

Having collaborated with renowned producers such as *Knockout Productions* and *Street Vinyl Music*, Marc's tracks are known for their impeccable production quality and infectious beats. His work with *Boomklat Productions* and *Roobinz* showcases his versatility as an artist, effortlessly transitioning between different musical styles.

With an extensive discography that includes hits like "MonstaBeatz" and "Milk It," Marc continues to push boundaries and explore new horizons in the music scene. He has worked alongside talented artists such as *Bianca G.*, *CHRIS WISE*, and even collaborated with rap legends like *Sean Cross* and *Naledge of Kidz In The Hall*. This collaborative spirit reflects Marc's commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of creativity.


Marc Spitz
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