Mari Kalkun

Mari Kalkun is an acoustic folk artist hailing from Tartu, Estonia. With her mesmerizing vocals and intricate guitar playing, she has captivated audiences around the world. Drawing inspiration from her Estonian roots, Mari's music reflects a deep connection to nature and a profound sense of introspection. Her soulful melodies and poetic lyrics transport listeners to another realm, evoking emotions that resonate long after the last note fades away.

Having released several critically acclaimed albums, Mari has established herself as one of the leading voices in contemporary folk music. Her unique blend of traditional Estonian sounds with modern influences creates a truly captivating listening experience. Whether performing on stage or recording in the studio, Mari's passion for storytelling shines through in every song.

As an artist who values authenticity and artistic integrity above all else, Mari's music is a reflection of her personal journey and experiences. Through her heartfelt performances and thought-provoking lyrics, she invites listeners to embark on their own emotional exploration. With each new release, Mari continues to push boundaries and redefine what it means to be a folk artist in the 21st century.


Mari Kalkun
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