Mary Halvorson

Mary Halvorson is a guitarist, composer and improviser living in Brooklyn. She grew up in Boston and studied jazz at Wesleyan University and the New School. Since 2000 she has been performing regularly in New York with numerous groups and has toured Europe and the U.S. with Anthony Braxton and Trevor Dunn’s Trio-Convulsant.

Mary released her debut as a leader in 2008 with The Mary Halvorson Trio recording, "Dragon's Head". Her unique style blends elements of avant-garde jazz, rock, and experimental music, creating a captivating sound that pushes boundaries.

With influences such as Craig Taborn, Wadada Leo Smith, and Nels Cline among others, Mary's music showcases her technical prowess on the guitar combined with innovative compositions. Her performances are known for their energy and creativity, captivating audiences around the world.


Mary Halvorson
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