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Massive Attack

Massive Attack is a collaborative British music production group hailing from Bristol, England. The band, currently consisting of Robert Del Naja, Tricky, and Daddy G, was originally formed with the inclusion of Andrew Vowles. Their name was inspired by a slogan spray-painted by New York graffiti artist Brim in 1985. Initially adopted as a record label name, it later became the band's official moniker. During the Gulf War in 1991, their releases were labeled as 'Massive' to ensure continued airplay amidst pressure from the British Government.

The group emerged alongside fellow graffiti artists Balogun and Bio from TATS CRU in NYC. They collectively created pieces at the Malcolm X Centre in St. Paul's, Bristol. Renowned graffiti artist [a151718], known then as 3-D, played a significant role in adopting and popularizing the Massive Attack slogan.

With an influential presence in the music industry since their formation, Massive Attack continues to captivate audiences worldwide with their unique sound and innovative approach to music production.


Massive Attack
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