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Megadeth is a thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA. Formed in 1983 by guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine and bass guitarist David Ellefson, the band played a significant role in popularizing thrash metal in the late 1980s. Despite facing numerous line-up changes and struggles with substance abuse, Megadeth achieved stability and success with their 1990 release "Rust in Peace," which remains their most commercially successful album. After disbanding in 2002 due to an injury, Mustaine reformed the band in 2004 and has since released five studio albums.

The current line-up of Megadeth includes Dave Mustaine on guitars and vocals (since 1983), Kiko Loureiro on guitars (since 2015), Dirk Verbeuren on drums (since 2016), and James LoMenzo on bass (touring member since 2021; official member since 2022). Throughout their career, Megadeth has maintained an influential presence in the thrash metal genre, showcasing their unique sound and musical prowess.

Experience the power of Megadeth's music as they continue to captivate audiences worldwide with their intense performances and timeless compositions. With a legacy spanning over four decades, this iconic band continues to push boundaries and inspire generations of heavy metal enthusiasts.


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