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Mercury Rev

Mercury Rev is an alternative rock band from Buffalo, New York. Formed in 1989, they started out as a collective providing soundtracks for student films. The band gained recognition in the UK for their psychedelic and experimental indie rock sound, which later evolved into a more melodic and bittersweet style. After their second record, "Boces," frontman David Baker left the band to pursue his own project as Shady. In 1998, Mercury Rev achieved mainstream success with their album "Deserter's Songs," which was awarded "Best Album Of The Year" by NME.

The current members of Mercury Rev include Jonathan Donahue on vocals and guitar, and Grasshopper (Sean Mackowiak) on guitar and clarinet. Over the years, the band has had several former members who contributed to their unique sound through woodwinds, drums, bass, keyboards, and other instruments.

With their captivating music and distinctive style, Mercury Rev continues to captivate audiences worldwide with their enchanting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.


Mercury Rev
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