Michael Schenker Group

The Michael Schenker Group is a hard rock band based in Germany. Formed in 1979, the band existed until 1985 before being revived in 1996. Led by the talented Michael Schenker, the group can also be seen as his solo project. With a lineup that has changed over the years, the current members include Gary Barden on lead vocals, Graham Bonnet on lead vocals, Robin McAuley on lead vocals, Chris Glen on bass, and Steve Mann on keyboards and rhythm guitar.

The band has had several former members throughout its history including various lead vocalists such as Derek St. Holmes, Ray Kennedy, Roland Jones, Leif Sundin, David Van Landing, Kelly Keeling, Keith Slack, Chris Logan, Jari Tiura and Doogie White. Former keyboardists include Don Airey, Paul Raymond,Tommy Eyre , Andy Nye,Claude Gaudette,Seth Bernstein,and Wayne Findlay. Previous bass players include Billy Sheehan ,Mo Foster,Dennis Feldman ,Barry Sparks ,John Onder ,Rev Jones Stuart Hamm,Pete Way Neil Murray,Elliott Dean Rubinson,and Francis Buchholz . The drummers who have been part of the band are Denny Carmassi ,Simon Phillips Co


Michael Schenker Group
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