Miles Kane

Miles Kane, born on 17 March 1986 in Wirral, Merseyside, England, is an English singer and guitarist. He gained recognition as the co-frontman of *The Last Shadow Puppets* and was previously the frontman of *The Rascals*. With his distinct vocals and captivating guitar skills, Miles has established himself as a prominent figure in the music industry.

Known for his energetic performances and catchy melodies, Miles Kane draws inspiration from various genres such as indie rock and post-punk revival. His music resonates with fans who appreciate artists like *The Pigeon Detectives*, *The View*, and *Beady Eye*. Collaborating with fellow musician Alex Turner in *The Last Shadow Puppets* further showcased his talent and versatility.

Miles Kane's discography includes successful albums like "Colour of the Trap" and "Don't Forget Who You Are". His unique style has earned him a dedicated fanbase who also enjoy bands like *The Rifles*, *Reverend And The Makers*, and *Kasabian*. As a true icon of modern British rock, Miles continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his electrifying performances.


Miles Kane
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