Modern Studies

Modern Studies is a folk rock band hailing from Scotland, specifically Perthshire, Glasgow, and Lancashire. The band consists of Emily Scott on vocals, organs, piano, and double bass; Rob St. John on vocals, guitar, synths, harmonium, and tape loops; Pete Harvey on cello, bass, and piano; and Joe Smillie on drums, mellotron, and vocals.

Their unique blend of instruments creates a captivating sound that draws inspiration from various genres such as folk rock. With *Emily Scott's* enchanting vocals leading the way alongside the mesmerizing melodies produced by *Rob St. John*, Modern Studies delivers an unforgettable musical experience.

If you enjoy artists like Pictish Trail or Kathryn Joseph or if you appreciate the sounds of Modern Nature or Lightning In A Twilight Hour then Modern Studies is sure to be your cup of tea. Their music has also been compared to Death and Vanilla and Constant Smiles among others.


Modern Studies
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