DJ and producer based in Lille, France. Myd is known for his unique blend of electronic music genres, combining elements of house, disco, and pop. With his infectious beats and catchy melodies, he has gained a loyal following around the world.

Inspired by artists such as SebastiAn, Yuksek, and Siriusmo, Myd's music is characterized by its energetic rhythms and vibrant soundscapes. His tracks are filled with groovy basslines, funky guitar riffs, and mesmerizing synth melodies that will get you moving on the dancefloor.

Having collaborated with renowned artists like Cassius, DJ Mehdi, and Sébastien Tellier among others - *Myd* has established himself as a prominent figure in the French electronic music scene. Whether performing at festivals or clubs worldwide,*Myd* never fails to deliver an electrifying live show that leaves audiences wanting more.


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