Nap Eyes

Nap Eyes is a band hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Known for their introspective lyrics and melodic indie rock sound, they have gained a dedicated following in the music scene. Drawing inspiration from artists such as *Dick Stusso*, *Bonny Doon*, and *Omni*, Nap Eyes has crafted a unique musical style that resonates with listeners.

With influences ranging from *Ultimate Painting* to *A. Savage*, their music combines catchy guitar riffs with thoughtful storytelling. Fans of bands like *Sam Evian* and *Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever* will appreciate Nap Eyes' laid-back yet captivating sound.

Having shared stages with notable acts like *Ought* and *Dick Diver*, Nap Eyes continues to make waves in the indie rock genre. Their music captures the essence of artists like *The Goon Sax* and *The Glands*, while also drawing comparisons to bands such as *Twerps* and even the late David Berman's project, Purple Mountains.


Nap Eyes
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