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Nektar is a British band that gained massive success in the early to mid seventies. Originally formed by a group of musicians living near Heidelberg, Germany, their albums and live shows were renowned for their adventurous mix of good live-sound and visionary light shows. The connection between Nektar's music and the art of Helmut Wenske, who designed three of their most successful album covers, made them truly unique. Although they disbanded after Roye Albrighton's death in 2016, Nektar reformed in 2019 with several founding members and recorded a new album featuring artwork by Helmut Wenske.

The current line-up of Nektar includes Derek "Mo" Moore on bass (a founding member), Ron Howden on drums & vocals (also a founding member), Mick Brockett on liquid lights (a founding member from 1969-1979 and again since 2019), Randy Dembo on bass and 12-string guitar (since 2004 and again since 2019), Ryche Chlanda on guitars (previously in 1978 and now since 2019), and Kendall Scott on keyboard (since 2019).

Over the years, Nektar has had various former members including Allan "Taff" Freeman on keyboards & vocals until 2004, Tom Hughes on Hammond organ, keyboards & vocals from 2004-2006, Dave Nelson on guitars


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