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Nikki Sudden

English singer-songwriter and guitarist, Nikki Sudden, was born on July 19, 1956 in London, England. He formed the influential band Swell Maps with his brother Epic Soundtracks, releasing several successful singles and albums in the late 1970s. Known for their pioneering 'DIY Punk' sound, Swell Maps achieved #1 hits on the UK Independent Charts. After the band's breakup in 1980, Sudden embarked on a solo career and later formed The Jacobites with guitarist Dave Kusworth. Together they released two albums and gained popularity in Germany.

Sudden then returned to his solo career and signed with Creation Records, releasing five albums over five years. In 1990, he collaborated with members of R.E.M. for his album 'The Jewel Thief'. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Sudden continued to tour extensively both as a solo artist and with his backing band 'The Last Bandits'.

Tragically, Nikki Sudden passed away on March 26, 2006 in New York City after completing a series of solo performances in the USA. His legacy lives on through his extensive discography and collaborations with notable musicians such as Ian McLagan (Small Faces), Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), Anthony Thistlethwaite (Waterboys), Dave Kusworth (Jacobites), and Darrell Bath (Dogs D’Amour /


Nikki Sudden
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