Nosaj Thing

As DJ and producer Nosaj Thing, Los Angeles born and raised Jason W. Chung has been actively releasing music and performing for 15 years. He started his career in the early 2000s at LA's DIY venue The Smell, and has since gone on to open for renowned artists such as The xx and The Weeknd. With a talent for producing tracks, Nosaj Thing has worked with notable musicians like Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, and Chance The Rapper. His remixes of artists including Philip Glass, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Flying Lotus showcase his diverse range of influences.

However, it is through his EPs and albums that Nosaj Thing truly shines. His discography includes 'Views / Octopus' EP (2006), 'Drift' (2009), 'Home' (2013), 'Fated' (2015), 'No Reality EP' (2016), 'Parallels' (2017) and 'No Mind' (2020). These releases transcend genres to create an otherworldly and evocative body of work.

If you enjoy artists like Shlohmo, Teebs, or Flying Lotus, then you'll definitely appreciate the unique soundscapes created by Nosaj Thing. His music pushes the boundaries of experimental music while remaining captivating and robust.


Nosaj Thing
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Nosaj Thing

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Nosaj Thing

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