Obituary is a death metal band hailing from Tampa, Florida. Originally formed in 1985 as *Xecutioner*, the band later changed their name to *Executioner* before finally settling on Obituary just before the release of their debut album in 1989. After disbanding in 1997, they made a comeback in 2005 and have since been actively touring and releasing new material.

With their brutal sound and intense lyrics, Obituary has become one of the most influential bands in the death metal genre. Their music is characterized by heavy guitar riffs, guttural vocals, and relentless drumming that create an atmosphere of darkness and aggression.

Similar to other iconic death metal acts like Deicide, Malevolent Creation, and Morbid Angel, Obituary's music pushes boundaries and explores themes of mortality, violence, and despair. Their discography includes acclaimed albums such as "Slowly We Rot" (1989), "Cause of Death" (1990), and "Frozen in Time" (2005).


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