Our Lady Peace

Our Lady Peace, colloquially known as OLP, is a Canadian alternative rock band that was founded in Toronto in 1992. The band consists of Raine Maida on vocals, Duncan Coutts on bass, and Steve Mazur on guitar. Mike Turner was also a guitarist and founding member until 2001. Jeremy Taggart served as the drummer for many years before leaving the band in June 2014.

With their unique sound and powerful lyrics, Our Lady Peace has captivated audiences worldwide. Their music combines elements of alternative rock with introspective and thought-provoking themes. Over the years, they have released numerous hit songs and albums that have resonated with fans across generations.

From their early beginnings to their continued success today, Our Lady Peace remains an influential force in the music industry. With their passionate performances and dedication to creating meaningful music, they have solidified themselves as one of Canada's most beloved rock bands.


Our Lady Peace
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