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Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts is a noise folk band hailing from New York City, USA. With their unique blend of genres, they have established themselves as one of the most influential and innovative acts in the music scene. Known for their raw energy and thought-provoking lyrics, Parquet Courts delivers an unforgettable live experience that captivates audiences worldwide.

Formed in [year], Parquet Courts quickly gained recognition for their distinctive sound and uncompromising approach to music. Drawing inspiration from various musical styles such as punk rock, indie rock, and post-punk, they have created a signature sound that defies categorization.

With critically acclaimed albums like [album name] and [album name], Parquet Courts has garnered a dedicated fan base who appreciate their fearless experimentation and authentic storytelling. Their songs tackle social issues with intelligence and wit, making them both relatable and thought-provoking.


Parquet Courts
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