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Penguin was a backing band for John Cale's album "Vintage Violence". Led by former Velvet Underground member John Cale, Penguin was formed specifically for the recording sessions of the album. The band consisted of talented musicians such as Harvey Brooks on bass guitar, Sanford Konikoff on drums, Ernire Coralla and Garland Jeffreys on guitars and backing vocals, and Stan Szelest on piano. Although their collaboration was short-lived, Penguin played an essential role in bringing Cale's solo debut to life.

With influences ranging from rockabilly to punk rock, Penguin's sound resonates with fans who appreciate raw energy and authentic performances. While their time together may have been brief, the impact they made can still be felt through the timeless tracks found on "Vintage Violence".

If you enjoy the music of Turnpike Cruisers, Judder And The Jack Rabbits, or Demon City Wreckers among others listed below, then Penguin is an artist that deserves a place in your collection.


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