Pierre Bastien

Pierre Bastien is a French composer and multi-instrumentalist, born in 1953 in Paris. With a career spanning several decades, Bastien has established himself as an influential figure in the experimental music scene. His unique sound combines mechanical instruments with electronic elements, creating captivating and otherworldly compositions.

Bastien's work has drawn comparisons to fellow avant-garde artists such as Ghédalia Tazartès, David Toop, and Bernard Parmegiani. He shares their commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional music and exploring new sonic territories. His compositions are often characterized by intricate layers of sound that transport listeners into a mesmerizing sonic landscape.

Throughout his career, Bastien has collaborated with renowned musicians including Luc Ferrari, Klimperei, Pascal Comelade, Fred Frith, and many others. These collaborations have further enriched his musical repertoire and contributed to his status as a respected artist within the genre.


Pierre Bastien
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