Prince Fatty

Prince Fatty is a highly acclaimed artist in the world of reggae and dub music. With a career spanning over two decades, he has become known for his unique sound and production style that pays homage to the classic Jamaican roots reggae era. Drawing inspiration from legendary figures such as *King Tubby* and *Lee "Scratch" Perry*, Prince Fatty has carved out his own distinct niche within the genre.

His collaborations with artists like *Gentleman's Dub Club*, *Hollie Cook*, and *Little Roy* have further solidified his reputation as a producer who can bring out the best in any performer. His ability to blend traditional reggae elements with modern influences has earned him a loyal fan base around the world.

Prince Fatty's discography includes notable releases such as "Survival of the Fattest" and "In The Viper's Shadow," which showcase his talent for creating infectious grooves and captivating melodies. His work with artists like *Mad Professor*, *Horace Andy*, and *Sly & Robbie* demonstrates his versatility as a collaborator, while also highlighting his commitment to preserving the authenticity of reggae music.


Prince Fatty
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