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Public Enemy

Public Enemy is an American hip hop group that was founded in 1985 in Long Island, New York. The group consists of Chuck D and Flavor Flav as the main MCs, Terminator X and DJ Lord as the DJs, Professor Griff as the 'Minister of Information' and occasional MC, and Security Of The First World (S1W) as an associate non-music group. They have been making music together since their formation and continue to do so today.

In 2013, Public Enemy was honored for their contributions to music when they were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame as performers. This recognition solidifies their impact on the hip hop genre and acknowledges their influential presence in the industry.

With a career spanning several decades, Public Enemy remains a prominent force in hip hop. Their thought-provoking lyrics and innovative sound have made them one of the most respected groups in the genre. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to their music, explore Public Enemy's catalog on our e-commerce website to experience their powerful artistry firsthand.


Public Enemy
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